London Buses route U10 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Ruislip, Heathfield Rise and Uxbridge, it is operated by Metroline.


Route U10 commenced operating on 1 October 1994 between Heathfield Rise and Uxbridge Station via Park Road - Swakeleys Road - Woodstock Drive - Swakeleys Drive - Long Lane - Glebe Avenue - Sussex Road - Burnham Avenue - Glebe Avenue - Ickenham Road - Ruislip Station - Ruislip High Street - Bury Street - Sharps Lane - Hill Lane - Southcote Rise - Westcote Rise - Woodville Gardens - Ruislip Heathfield Rise - Heathfield Rise - Field Way - Hill Lane - Sharps Lane - Manor Road - The Oaks - Ruislip High Street - Pembroke Road - Station Approach - Pembroke Road - Kingsend - Ickenham Road - Ickenham High Road - Long Lane - Glebe Avenue - Sussex Road - Burnham Avenue - Glebe Avenue - Long Lane - Court Road - Swakeleys Drive - Woodstock Drive - Swakeleys Road - Swakeleys Roundabout - Park Road as a Monday to Saturday shopping hours route and was initially operated by CentreWest from their Uxbridge (UX) garage using Alexander bodied Mercedes-Benz 811Ds.The route was introduced in order to replace the withdrawn section route U1.

On 3 May 2003, the route was retained by First London with Marshall Capital bodied Dennis Dart SLFs introduced. The route was rerouted between Uxbridge and Swakeleys via Harefield Road instead of Belmont Road at the same time.

On 3 May 2008, the route was retained by First London with brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Darts introduced. The route was now revised in order to be operated between 0700 - 1930.

On 22 June 2013, the route was included in the sale of First London's Uxbridge (UX) garage to Metroline.

On 2 May 2015, the route was retained by Metroline.

Current RouteEdit

  • Hill Road Field Way
  • Ruislip Station
  • West Ruislip Station
  • Ickenham Station
  • Uxbridge Bus Station

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