London Buses route N3 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Bromley North and Oxford Circus, it is operated by Abellio London.


Night route N3 commenced operation on 27 October 1989 and provided a service between Beckenham Junction and Oxford Circus via Piccadilly Circus, Whitehall, Kennington, Brixton, West Dulwich and Crystal Palace. Some journeys continued on from Oxford Circus to Victoria Bus Station but only on meal relief journeys. The route was operated by London Transport from their Camberwell Garage (Q) using Leyland Titans.

On 8 October 1993, there was a few changes to the N3, as the route was extended Friday and Saturday nights to Chislehurst (via Bromley), and the other nights the N3 only terminated at Beckenham. On Friday and Saturday nights a Peckham Garage operation was added.

On 29 July 1995, the Peckham allocation (PM) was withdrawn and transferred to Camberwell. On 27 April 1996, the N3 was re-routed between Crystal Palace and Penge via Anerley Rd. On 14 November 1998 the Peckham allocation was re-introduced weekends.

On 5 February 2000, route N3 was passed to Connex using Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents from Beddington Garage (BC). The N3 was also withdrawn between Bromley and Chislehurst and Oxford Circus and Victoria, but extended from Beckenham to Bromley full time. The current route was Oxford Circus to Bromley North Bus Station. On 26 February 2004, Connex were brought out by Travel London. On 10 February 2007, a Battersea allocation (QB) was introduced. The average journey time is between 60 and 90 minutes. The weekday frequency is every 30 minutes but Friday and Saturday nights run every 15 minutes.

In 2012, the route was retained by Abellio London with new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400Hs introduced and the allocation was moved to Battersea (QB) garage.

On 8 February 2016, the Alexander Dennis Enviro 400Hs were replaced by New Routemasters.

On 2 December 2017. the allocation was transferred to Walworth (WL) garage.

The route will be retained by Abellio London from 9 February 2019.

Current RouteEdit

  • Bromley North Station
  • Bromley South Station
  • Park Langley
  • High Street eastern end for Beckenham Junction Station and Tramlink
  • Clock House Station
  • Beckenham Road Tramlink
  • Anerley station
  • Crystal Palace Station
  • Crystal Palace Parade
  • Croxted Road for West Dulwich Station
  • Herne Hill Station
  • Brixton Station
  • Kennington for Oval Station
  • Westminster Station
  • Trafalgar Square for Charing Cross Station
  • Piccadilly Circus Station
  • Oxford Circus Station Harewood Place

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