London Buses route 99 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Woolwich and Bexleyheath, it is operated by Arriva London.

History Edit

At the time of the formation of the London Passenger Transport Board in 1933, route 99 was an established service between Woolwich and Erith via Belvedere and Plumstead. 

On 24 January 1970, the route was converted to one man operation with the AEC RT's replaced by AEC Merlins.

In 1974, the route converted back to double deck operation with Daimler Fleetlines.

On 13 January 1979, it was extended from Erith to Slade Green, before reverting to its previous route on 2 November 1985.

On 16 January 1988, route 99 passed to Bexleybus operating from their Bexleyheath (BX) garage using Northern Counties bodied Leyland Olympians and Daimler Fleetlines.

On 19 January 1991, it passed to London Central operating from their Bexleyheath (BX) garage using Leyland Titans.

On 3 March 1996, the Sunday service was converted to single deck operation using Plaxton Pointer bodied Dennis Darts. 

On 23 January 1999, the route passed to Stagecoach London operating from their Plumstead (PD) garage converting to low floor single deck operation using brand new Alexander ALX200 bodied Dennis Dart SLFs.

On 24 January 2004, the route was retained by Stagecoach London and converted back to double decker operation using low floor Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents.

On 22 January 2011, the route was again retained by Stagecoach London.

In March 2011, the Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents were replaced by brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s.

In 2014, brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400Hs introduced.

On 20 January 2018, the route passed to Arriva London operating from their Dartford (DT) garage using Wright Gemini 2 bodied VDL DB300s.

Current Route Edit

Route 99 operates via these primary locations:

  • Woolwich Town Centre (For Woolwich Arsenal Station)
  • Plumstead High Street
  • Woolwich Road
  • Bostall Hill
  • Upper Belvedere Eardley Arms
  • Lessness Heath
  • Erith Road
  • Fraser Road
  • Erith Town Centre
  • Manor Road
  • Slade Green
  • Perry Street Triangle
  • Parkside Avenue
  • Barnehurst Northall Road
  • Mayplace Road East
  • Bexleyheath Shopping Centre

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