London Buses route 59 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Streatham Hill and King's Cross, it is operated by Arriva London.


Route 59 commenced operating on 18 September 1999 between Streatham Hill Telford Avenue and Euston Station. The route was introduced to replace part of route 109 and also provide a service between Streatham and Euston station. It was initially operated by Arriva London using Alexander ALX400 bodied DAF DB250LFs.

On 10 November 2007, the route was extended from Euston to King's Cross.

In 2010, the was retained by Arriva London using brand new Wright Gemini 2 bodied VDL DB300 and Wright Pulsar Gemini bodied DAF DB250LFs.

On 31 March 2012, part of the allocation was transferred to Norwood (N) garage.

On 12 December 2015, the Norwood (N) garage allocation was transferred to Brixton garage.

In March 2016, the Wright Gemini 2 bodied VDL DB300s and the Wright Puslar Gemini bodied DAF DB250LFs were replaced by brand New Routemasters.

On 28 January 2017, route 59 was retained by Arriva London.

Current routeEdit

  • Streatham Hill Telford Avenue
  • Brixton Stations
  • Kennington (Oval Station)
  • Lambeth North Station
  • Waterloo Station
  • Aldwych
  • Holborn Station
  • Russell Square
  • Euston Bus Station
  • St Pancras Station
  • King's Cross Station

Previous route 59s in LondonEdit

The route number has been used twice before in London. In 1948 a route 59 linked West Hampstead with Purley and Chipstead Valley. This was cut back to terminate at Coulsdon before being withdrawn in 1978. This is thought to have been the longest route in London for a time.

In 1985 a new route 59 was introduced to replace the withdrawn 166A. This ran from Blackfriars to Purley, extending to Chipstead Valley on Sundays. A series of route changes saw it cut back to run only from Brixton to Streatham. It was withdrawn in 1994.

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