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London Buses route is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Epsom and , it is operated by .

History Edit

Route 470 commenced operating on 19 July 2003 running between Epsom Clock Tower and Colliers Wood Station via High Street - East Street - Epsom Road - Ewell High Street - Reigate Road - Ewell-by-pass - Cheam Road - Ewell Road - Station Way (for Cheam Station) - Sandy Lane - Northey Avenue - Dorset Road - York Road - Worcester Road - Mulgrave Road - Sutton Station - High Street - Grove Road - Sutton Park Road - Cheam Road - St. Nicholas Way - Crown Road - Sutton High Street - Rose Hill - Sutton Common Road - Forest Road - Love Lane - St Helier - Furness Road - Faversham Road - Farm Road - Central Road - Morden Hall Road - Aberconway Road - Morden Station - London Road - Morden Road - Morden Road Tramlink - Morden Road - Merantum Way - Christchurch Road. The route was initially operated by Quality Line from their Epsom (EB) garage using Optare Solos. The route was introduced to replace Route S7 between Colliers Wood and Cheam and Route 408 between Cheam and Epsom.

On 17 November 2007, the route was retained by Quality Line.

On 17 November 2014, the route was retained by Quality Line with brand new Optare Solo SRs introduced.

Current route Edit

  • Epsom Clock Tower
  • Ewell High Street
  • Station Way (for Cheam Station)
  • Sutton Station
  • Sutton High Street
  • St Helier
  • Morden Station
  • Morden Road Tramlink
  • Colliers Wood Station

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