London Buses route 257 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Stratford and Walthamstow Central, it is operated by London General.


Route 257 commenced operating on 19 November 1988 between Stratford and Walthamstow Central station with a daytime extension to Chingford Mount replacing part of route 262. It was initially operated by East London from their West Ham (WH) garage using Leyland Titans.

On 10 October 1992, the route passed to Capital Citybus and the Chingford Mount extension was withdrawn. A batch of newish Dennis Dominators was acquired second-hand from Southampton Citybus for the route, although the enhancement the following year saw them diluted somewhat by a medley of other types. The last couple of years, they were replaced by the more capacious Dennis Arrows, these having been displaced from route D6.

In July 1998, the route was included in the sale of Capital Citybus to First London.

In October 2000, it was retained by First London.

In January 2001, the route converted to low floor single deck operation using new Marshall Capital bodied Dennis Dart SLFs.

In October 2001, the route was converted back to double deck using Plaxton President bodied Dennis Tridents.

On 23 February 2008, the route passed to Stagecoach East London operating from their Stratford (SD) garage with Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents introduced.

In 2008, Stratford (SD) garage was announced closed and the allocation moved to new West Ham (WH) garage .

On 14 October 2010, the route was included in the sale of Australian Bank Macquarie trading as East London Group to Stagecoach.

On 13 October 2012, the route passed to London General with Wright Eclipse Gemini bodied Volvo B7TLs from Northumberland Park (NP) garage .

Stagecoach London will take over the operation of route 257 with Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s introduced from 14 October 2017.

Current routeEdit

  • Stratford Station Bus Station
  • Maryland station
  • Leytonstone High Road station
  • Leytonstone Green Man Roundabout
  • Whipps Cross
  • Baker's Arms
  • Walthamstow Central Station Bus Station

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