London Buses route 222 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Hounslow and Uxbridge, it is operated by Metroline.


Route 222 commenced operation on 16 January 1971 replacing part of withdrawn section of route 223. Route 222 has always followed the same route between Hounslow Bus Station and Uxbridge Station via Cowley, Yiewsley, West Drayton, Sipson, Harlington Corner, Cranford and Hounslow West. The route was operated by AEC Regent III RTs from Uxbridge (UX) garage.

On 4 December 1971, the route was converted to one man operation using SMSs.

In 1973, the route was converted to double deck operation using Daimler Fleetlines.

In 1981, the Daimler Fleetlines were replaced by MCW Metrobuses

In March 1994, the route was converted to low floor operation using Wright Pathfinder bodied Dennis Lance SLFs.

On 16 September 2000, the route passed to London United operating from their Hounslow (AV) garage using Plaxton Pointer 2 bodied Dennis Dart SLFs.

On 15 September 2007, the route was retained by London United.

In 2008, a Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL was introduced.

On 15 September 2012, the route was retained by London United and was converted to double deck operation using brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s.

On 12 September 2015, the route was converted into a 24 hour service.

In January 2016, Scania OmniCitys were introduced.

On 16 September 2017, the route passed to Metroline operating from their Uxbridge (UX) garage using Wright Eclipse Gemini 3 bodied Volvo B5LHs.

Current Route

Route 222 operates via these primary locations:

  • Hounslow High Street, School Road
  • Hounslow West 
  • Cranford
  • Harlington Corner
  • Heathrow Airport North
  • Sipson
  • West Drayton 
  • Yiewsley
  • Cowley
  • Uxbridge Bus Station


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