London Buses route 199 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Canada Water and Bellingham, it is operated by Stagecoach London.

History Edit

Route 199 commenced operating on 27 April 1991 between Elephant & Castle and Catford Garage via Bricklayers Arms - Tower Bridge Road - Grange Road - Southwark Park Road - Galleywall Road - Rotherhithe New Road - Surrey Quays Station - Plough Way - Grove Street - Evelyn Street - Creek Road - Greenwich - Lewisham Bus Station - Lewisham Riverdale Centre. It was initially operated by Selkent from their Catford (TL) garage using Leyland Titans. The route was introduced to replace routes 1 and 108B between Surrey Quays and Lewisham.

On 6 September 1994, the route was included in the sale of Selkent to Stagecoach London.

On 8 October 1994, the route was extended from Lewisham to Catford Garage and was rerouted in Pepys Estate via Plough Way to serve St George's Square. ECW bodied Leyland Olympians were introduced at the same time.

On 18 September 1999, the route was withdrawn between Canada Water and Elephant & Castle. The Leyland Titans and the ECW bodied Leyland Olympians were replaced by Northern Counties Palatine I bodied Volvo Olympians.

On 1 January 2000, the route was converted to low floor operation using Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridens.

On 18 September 2004, the route was retained by Stagecoach Selkent.

On 30 August 2008, the route was included in the sale of Stagecoach Selkent to Macquarie Bank who traded as Selkent.

On 14 October 2010, the route was included in the sale of Selkent to Stagecoach London.

On 17 September 2011, the route was retained by Stagecoach London.

On 3 December 2011, the Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents were replaced by brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s.

On 17 September 2016, the route was retained by Stagecoach London using existing Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s and brand new Enviro 400 MMC bodied Alexander Dennis E40Ds.

Current Route Edit

  • Canada Water Bus Station
  • Surrey Quays 
  • Plough Way
  • Pepys Estate
  • Grove Street
  • Deptford High Street
  • Creek Road
  • Greenwich Cutty Sark
  • Greenwich Station
  • Greenwich South Street
  • Lewisham Road
  • Lewisham Town Centre
  • Catford
  • Bellingham Catford Bus Garage

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