London Buses Route 404 are Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Caterham-on-the-Hill and Coulsdon, it is operated by Quality Line RATP.


Route 404 commenced operation on 25 July 1998 running between Coulsdon Red Lion and Caterham-on-the-Hill via Marlpit Lane - Marlpit Avenue - Rutherwick Rise - Byron Avenue - Coulsdon Road - Old Coulsdon - Keston Avenue - The Glade - Caterham Drive - Waddington Avenue - Homefiled Road - Laecy Drive - Coulsdon Road - then loop via Banstead Road - Town End - Chaldon Road - Coulsdon Road. The route was initially operated by Metrobus from their Orpington (MB) garage using a Plaxton bodied Mercedes-Benz 709D. Prior to 25 July 1998, the route was a commercial route operated by London & Country.

On 29 August 1998, the route was diverted at Old Coulsdon to serve Stoneyfield Road and Marlpit Lane ( southern end ).

On 26 September 1998, the route passed to Quality Line operated from their Epsom (EB) garage using a Plaxton Beaver 2 bodied Mercedes-Benzs 814D.

On 12 August 2000, the Loop working at Caterham was withdrawn with buses going direct to Westway Common from Coulsdon Road and depart via Chaldon Road.

On 27 September 2003, the route was retained by Quality Line and was converted to low floor operation using an Optare Solo.

On 27 September 2008, the route was retained by Quality Line.

On 29 September 2013, the route was retained by Quality Line with a brand new Optare Solo SR introduced.

The route will be retained by Quality Line using a brand new Enviro 200 MMC bodied Alexander Dennis E20D from 29 September 2018.

Current RouteEdit

  • Caterham-on-the-Hill Westway
  • Coulsdon Common
  • Old Coulsdon
  • Coulsdon South Station
  • Coulsdon Library

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